Rules Clinics and Officiating Courses available in August and September

Aug. 06, 2019

Learning the Rules is an easy way to improve your Squash Game!


Squash Alberta is running an Officiating Initiative in 2019/20 with primary goals as follows: 

  1. Educate our members on the spirit and culture of squash with emphasis on sportsmanship, fair-play, respect and fun for everyone. 
  1. Improving people’s knowledge of the rules and their application will improve everyone’s enjoyment, level of play and confidence when scoring/refereeing. 


**Our pool of officials is getting smaller so hopefully we will find a few people that are interested in getting more involved as officials as well. 


Squash Alberta will be offering free clinics and courses (for all SA members) in Calgary and throughout Alberta starting in August to facilitate the process.  Watch for notification of dates and locations in future emails and/or check on Club Locker under the “Tournaments Tab” for clinic /course info and registration. 

August Courses: (available to all SA members - maximum 30 participants/session) 

Saturday August 17   @ the Glencoe Club             Officiating Certification Course   9am - 330pm 

Wednesday August 21   @ the Calgary Winter Club      Rules Clinic    6-8pm

Sunday Sept 8 @ World Health Edgemont  Officiating Certification Course 9am - 330pm


Calgary Interclub Squash Association (CISA) is instituting an incentive program to support the initiative. 

For the 2019/20 season, CISA Interclub Teams will be awarded a 1/2 point per team member that attends/passes a rules clinic/course (up to 2 points maximum/team) as follows: 


1. Passes Certification Course delivered by Squash Alberta (full day course) = 1/2 point to team

* This certification is good forever, no need to repeat it.  People that are already certified officials via this course will be grandfathered and will automatically earn a ½ point for their team each season going forward. 

* Squash Alberta will deliver free courses (for all SA members) this season 


2. Passes online Certification Course via Squash Canada = 1/2 point to team 

* Only good for current season and must be repeated each season 

* Cost is $35 


3. Attends Squash Alberta Rules Clinic (1.5-2hour clinic) = 1/2 point to team 

* Only good for current season and must be repeated each season 

* Squash Alberta will deliver free clinics (for all SA members) this season 


  • *CISA players must play minimum of 4 matches for a team to qualify for the ½ point.

Upcoming Events

Sep. 08, 2019 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM

Squash Alberta Officiating Certification Course
World Health Edgemont Club, Calgary
Become a Certified Squash Official - Club Referee Level Course fee $0 - SA member , $60 non member

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Sep. 19, 2019 to Sep. 22, 2019

ESC Season Opener
Edmonton Squash Club, Edmonton

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