Junior and Senior Provincial Team Selection and Funding, Officials Funding


Effective for the 2022/23 season.


Provincial Junior Team Selection: The Provincial Junior Team will be named by the end of June each year according to the SA Provincial Rankings immediately following  the Alberta Provincial Junior Closed. The Provincial Junior Team will consist of the top two ranked players (that meet the selection criteria) in the boy's and girl's categories in the following age categories; U19, U17, U15,U13 and U11.

Selection Criteria: Players must have played in the Alberta Junior Provincial Closed, Alberta Jesters Junior Open and all of the scheduled Alberta Junior Gold events of the current season to be eligible to be named to the Provincial Team.


All Junior Funding Criteria:

To be eligible for Squash Alberta Junior Funding, athletes must:

1. Be members of Squash Alberta in good standing.

2. Compete in the Alberta Jester Junior Open and the Alberta Provincial Junior Closed and all of the scheduled Alberta Junior Gold events in the current season.  (All athletes are required to compete in their assigned age divisions at the Alberta Provincial Junior Closed.)


Canadian Junior Nationals Funding:

Squash Alberta will support Provincial Junior Team members participating in the Canadian Junior Championships (closed).  Each team member will receive $100 in funding plus reimbursement of the basic entry fee, if they participate in the event.


Additional Junior Funding:

Squash Alberta will support the top two provincial ranked juniors (boys and girls) in their age group (U19, U17, U15,U13 and U11) if they participate in one of the following tournaments: Canadian Junior Open, British Junior Open or the US Junior Open. ** (Other international junior tournaments will be considered upon application to the Squash Alberta Board of Directors.) If multiple events are played with the CJO being one of them, the CJO will be funded.

Squash Alberta will use the Squash Alberta Provincial Rankings, immediately following the Alberta Jester Junior Open, to determine the athletes that are eligible for funding  for one of these tournaments.

The eligible juniors who participate in one or more of these events, will receive $100.00 in funding plus reimbursement for the specific tournament  basic level entry fee, for one event only.


Junior Athlete Honorariums for athletes that achieve the following in the current season:

Canadian World Junior Men/Women Team                                                           $750

Top 10 in Canadian Junior Rankings  (as of April 30 of current  season)                  $200

(Boys and Girls Overall)                                                                 



Canadian Squash Championships The five highest ranked Squash Alberta members in the Men's and Women's Alberta Rankings (effective the start date of the CSC) who participate in the Open Divisions of the Canadian Squash Championships will receive $125 in funding. The highest ranked Squash Alberta member in each of the Men's and Women's age divisions who participate in the Canadian Squash Championships with receive $125.  ** Ranking = Squash Alberta Rankings effective the start date of the CSC**

Canadian Teams Championships Three Squash Alberta players in the Men's and Women's Divisions will be selected to the Alberta Team for the Canadian Teams Championships. 

Squash Alberta will pay airfare or fuel costs, hotel accommodation, entry fee and supply a team uniform.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Must be a Squash Alberta member in good standing

2. Must be in Provincial Top 20 Ranking (Men's/Women's) effective the end of November in the current season.

3. Must play a minimum of one (1) Squash Alberta Sanctioned Tournament between Dec 1 of the prior season and the end of November in the current season.

+ The Top 20 Ranked Men and Women players (that meet the eligibility criteria) effective the end of November of the current season will be invited to qualify for the team.  A maximum of the top 8 ranked respondents (both Men and Women) will be included in the Qualification Trials.  The Qualification Trial format will depend on the number of participants and the number of open spots on each team.


Final team selection will be made following  a Qualification Trial Event in Nov/Dec/Jan (Specific location and dates will be determined and players notified as soon as possible each season).

Trial and Eligibility Criteria Exemptions:

1. Members of the Canadian National High Performance Squad (must be Squash Alberta member in good standing)

2. Members of the PSA in Top 150 (Men), Top 100 (Women) (must be Squash Alberta member in good standing)


Canadian Masters Team Championships Squash Alberta will partially fund a seven person team at a set dollar amount per person (based on event location) to attend the Canadian Masters Team Championships. Squash Alberta will pay the entry fee for the team, supply a team uniform and provide partial funding for travel expenses. If the event is in Alberta, Squash Alberta has the option to enter two teams.  If so, Squash Alberta would  pay both team's entry fee, supply team uniforms and provide partial funding for travel expenses.  Selections will be made prior to the third week in November and will based on Squash Alberta Rankings and the Age Criteria at that time.  

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Must be a member of Squash Alberta in good standing.

2. Must play a minimum of one (1) Squash Alberta Sanctioned Tournament between Dec 1 of the prior season and the end of November in the current season.

3. Must meet age criteria as of the beginning day of the event.

4. Interested players are required to submit an email of interest to Squash Alberta prior to the end of the third week in September of the current season.

+ The team will be selected from the top ranked eligible players (Squash Alberta Rankings as of November 21, 2022) that meet the age criteria.

The team will consist of seven players in the following categories:
        Women's 40+ 45+ 50+
        Men's 40+ 45+ 50+ 55+ 

Canadian University Team Funding Squash Alberta may provide funding to the top two men and women in the Open Category of the Alberta University/College Championships to attend the Canadian University Championship each year.

1. Must be a member of Squash Alberta in good standing.
2. Be a student who is officially registered for and pursuing a full-time course of study at a post-secondary institution.
3. Be at least 17 and less than 28 years of age as of January in the current season.


Squash Alberta will reimburse Squash Alberta referees who are members in good standing once a year as follows:

A Tournament Referee will be named for various tournaments each season and receive $100.00 per event.  Match Honorariums of $2.00 per match refereed will be paid at these selected tournaments as well.

An assessment fee of $5.00 per assessment will be paid by Squash Alberta, this only applies to assessments done on Squash Alberta referees and the assessment does not have to be done in Alberta.

Mileage to sanctioned Alberta events will be reimbursed based on Squash Alberta’s Mileage Rate or Gas Expense Policy.  Referees are encouraged to carpool where feasible. To receive a mileage allowance to a Squash Alberta event you must be a full time referee at that event.

Squash Alberta will pay $50.00 per Rules Clinic delivered (must be an approved official)

Squash Alberta will pay $150.00 per Officiating Certification Course delivered (must be an PA/NA).


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