At the WSF AGM on October 18th, 2008 a motion was passed to change the rules of the game such that the standard scoring for singles squash is PAR to 11 (Rule 2).

Squash Canada Competitions Committee recommended to the Squash Canada Board, that Squash Canada should adopt PAR 11 immediately for all Squash Canada sanctioned events. The Squash Canada Board accepted this recommendation (October 24, 2008).

As of January 1st, 2009 Squash Alberta's scoring policy for single match sanctioned tournaments is PAR to 11. Squash Alberta encourages all clubs and membership to follow the Squash Alberta policy.

A match will consist of the best of three or five games at the option of the organizers of the competition. Each game will be played to eleven points.

Either player may score points on each rally. The server, on winning a stroke, scores a point and retains the service; the receiver, on winning a stroke, scores a point and becomes the server.

The player who scores eleven points by a margin of at least two points wins the game. If the score reaches ten-all, the game continues until one player has a margin of two points, whereupon that player wins the game.

The first time the score reaches ten-all, the Marker will announce (10-all, tie break, a player must win by two points÷, but if the score reaches ten-all in any subsequent game, the Marker simply announces (10 all, tiebreak÷.

The Marker will call "Game ball" to indicate that either player requires one point to win the game in progress, or "Match ball" to indicate that either player requires one point to win the match.

The score of each game will be recorded with the actual number of points won by each player; the winning players score is recorded first (e.g. 11-7, 3-11, 12-10, 10-12, 25-23).

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