Tournament Seeding Policy

  1. Seeding Policy (Senior Singles Events):

    1. The Squash Alberta Rankings must be used to seed players/draws for all Squash Alberta Adult sanctioned singles squash events.

    2. Seeding will be done using the current Squash Alberta rankings at the time the draws are created. (This is done automatically by the Club Locker software)

    3. There will be no randomization or drawing of seeds.

    4. Each player will be seeded in their draw based solely on their ranking within their division.

    5. Unranked players must be placed in draws after all ranked players are seeded. The only exception to this is if an unranked player is known to be separated from the field and this can be supported by a national ranking and/or known and recent head to head results with a seeded player(s) in the draw.

    6. The top 4 seeds in a draw must be protected from unseeded players in the first round of a draw where participant entries permit. An unranked player must be seeded no higher than 5th in draw (entry numbers permitting) unless very clear/undeniable evidence is present to support a top four (4) seeding.   The decision will be made solely by SA and the TD.  (Example:  the current Canadian Senior Open Champion may be given #1 seeding if entered in an event.)

  2. Seeding Policy (Junior Events)

    1. Seeding will be done using the current Club Locker Ratings at the time the draws are created.

    2. The Top 2 players in each division will be seeded 1 and 2 accordingly and the 3rd and 4th seeds will be determined by a coin flip between the 3rd and 4th rated players. Seeds 5-8 will be randomly drawn from the top 5 thru 8 rated players in the draw. Seeds 9-16 will be determined by a random draw of the 9-16 rated players.  This process will continue for Seeds 17-25, 26-34 etc. until all players are placed in the draw.

    3. Alberta Junior Closed - Will be seeded entirely based on Club Locker Ratings (with no randomization of seeds) at the time the draws are created. (This is done automatically by the Club Locker software)

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Apr. 12, 2024 to Apr. 14, 2024

Alberta Junior Closed Provincial Championships
Royal Glenora Club, Edmonton

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Apr. 21, 2024

Alberta Jesters Junior Bronze Series (Calgary #5)
University Of Calgary Racquet Center, Calgary
Finals and Awards Ceremony

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Apr. 27, 2024 to Apr. 30, 2024

2024 Canadian National Junior Championships

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