National NextGen and Junior Squads Announced

Jun. 21, 2021

The Future of Canadian Squash is Coming -

National NextGen and Junior Squads Announced


Squash Canada, in collaboration with its Provincial/Territorial partners and coaching community is pleased to announce the selection of 42 of Canada’s top young athletes to the inaugural NextGen and Junior National Squad Programs. The squads are a key pillar in Squash Canada’s rebuilding of our athlete development infrastructure as we look to maintain and expand our status as a world leading nation over the next decade.


These programs will provide a critical pathway and support system for aspiring juniors and recent graduates as they develop into PSA players that will one day wear the Maple Leaf and represent Canada as National Senior Squad athletes. Squad members will be supported through centralized training across six regional hubs, funding, and corporate mentorship opportunities, as well as coaching and support services as they make their mark internationally.


The NextGen and Junior National Squads who hail across the country from Victoria to Charlottetown will join National Senior Team Members David Baillargeon (QC), Nicole Bunyan (BC), Shawn Delierre (QC), Danielle Letourneau (AB), Mike McCue (ON), Hollie Naughton (ON), Nick Sachvie (ON), Cameron Seth (ON), Nikole Todd (SK) to lead the next era of Canadian Squash.


 “Squash Canada is excited and proud of the incredible depth and talent selected to the National NextGen and Junior Squads and equally importantly with the character of individuals named”, exclaimed Squash Canada Director of Athlete Development Jamie Nicholls. “Coming out of the pandemic, we have been hard at work charting a course that will see Canada continue to be a global leader and produce the next Canadian World Champion by 2030; these 42 athletes will be key components of this mission. We want to recognize not only the athletes, but the great work done by Provinces/Territories, coaches, parents, and support teams across the country to develop this level of talent. The future is coming, and it is bright.” 


“Ever since I was a junior, I have dreamed of representing Canada and cannot be more honoured and excited to see this dream turn into a reality. I will be turning professional in the fall and I’m grateful to know that I have a support system behind me to help me navigate this journey,” stated Squad Member Hannah Blatt of Manitoba.


James Flynn of Ontario remarked, “Playing for Canada has been one of the highlights of my squash career and something that I aspire to continue in the future. The NextGen program provides me with the pathway, support and kickstart needed to achieve my future squash goals; I’m thrilled to be part of the squad and to fulfill my potential for the red and white.”


The community will be getting to know our 42 NextGen and Junior Squad athletes over the coming weeks as we highlight the athletes regularly via social media and on our website. For now, please join Squash Canada in congratulating the following new Team Canada athletes:


Canadian National NextGen Squad


·     Lucia Bicknell (BC)

·     Hannah Blatt (MB)

·     Molly Chadwick (ON)

·     George Crowne (ON)

·     Abdelrahman Dweek (AB)

·     James Flynn (ON)

·     Catherine Giachino (ON)

·     Julien Gosset (ON)

·     Noel Heaton (AB)

·     Elliott Hunt (ON)

·     Brianna Jefferson (ON)

·     Emma Jinks (PE)

·     Nicole Kendall (ON)

·     Liam Marrison (ON)

·     Sydney Maxwell (ON)

·     Erica McGillicuddy (ON)

·     Charlotte Orcutt (ON)

·     Ryan Picken (BC)

·     Akasham Rajagopaul (ON)

·     Ravi Seth (ON)

·     Grace Thomas (BC)

·     Connor Turk (MB)

Canadian National Junior Squad


·     Alexandra Brown (BC)

·     Sarah Cao (BC)

·     Jana Dweek (AB)

·     Grace Huang (BC)

·     Amal Izhar (ON)

·     Mohammed Kamal (AB)

·     Aleeza Khan (ON)

·     Maddison Laine (AB)

·     Jacob Lin (BC)

·     Ocean Ma (BC)

·     Maya Mansoor (ON)

·     Leah McGillicuddy (ON)

·     Karim Michael (QC)

·     Maria Min (BC)

·     Iman Shaheen (ON)

·     Syan Singh (ON)

·     Joseph Toth (BC)

·     Christian Yuen (BC)

·     Gabriel Yun (BC)

·     Alex Yuzpe (ON)

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