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Squash Alberta Ranking Policy/Procedure


Only members of Squash Alberta are included in the rankings. Squash Alberta rankings are utilized in part to select provincial teams / squads and seed provincial events and sanctioned tournaments. Squash Alberta is responsible for running the rankings and ensuring the accuracy of the ranking reports. Tournament Directors, please remember that when you are entering results from your sanctioned tournaments it is very important that they are accurate, complete and done immediately.

The single-win/jump ladder system is used for overall Squash Alberta Rankings, effective September 6th, 2016. We have all Squash Alberta players on the Club Locker rating system as well, to facilitate ongoing National Rankings as well as to augment our ranking system when required.

Effective July 1, 2020, Squash Alberta's Provincial Junior Rankings will be based on the Club Locker rating system.

There are four separate ranking lists:
+ Men (using results between all male players only)
+ Women (using results between all female players only)
+ Junior Boys (using results between all junior male players only)
+ Junior Girls (using results between all junior female players only)

+ Ranking for New Players: 

Players without a ranking will be placed within tournament divisions using Squash Alberta’s best knowledge at the time. Once players record their first sanctioned match win, they take that spot on the rankings.


Normal Ranking Procedure (Both players must be ranked.)  

The winning player in a match moves ahead of the losing player (if ranked lower) or remains in the same position (if ranked higher). The losing player in a match remains in the same position (if ranked lower) or moves down one position (if ranked higher). If the losing player is not yet ranked then no movement occurs.

For example, if Player A is ranked #50 and beats Player B, ranked #25, then Player A moves to #25 and Player B drops to #26.

Junior Rankings using the Club Locker Rating system require a new player to record a win and a loss before a rating will be acquired.  Subsequent movement is based on wins and losses against other rated juniors based on Club Lockers algorithm.  In general, the more matches entered, the more stable a players rating becomes.

Which matches count for Rankings:

*All head to head matches played between Squash Alberta members in Squash Alberta Sanctioned events count towards rankings.  This includes all Squash Alberta sanctioned tournaments, CISA and ESL matches, Provincial Team trial matches.

**Head to head matches between Squash Alberta members taking place outside of Alberta will be included in the Squash Alberta rankings if the Club Locker software is used by the tournament.  

***For tournaments not using Club Locker software, validated match scores can be reported to the Squash Alberta office for inclusion into the Squash Alberta rankings.

**** Results from Squash Alberta members playing each other in club box leagues/ladder matches will be included in Squash Alberta Rankings if entered into Club Locker by the players or club's league administrator.

***** Results from "friendly matches" between Squash Alberta members may be entered into Club Locker and included in Squash Alberta Rankings as long as both players have mutually agreed as to the legitimacy of the results being entered.


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