2019 Grant Mortgage Solutions World Health Junior Gold

Oct. 28, 2019

Link to Tourney Website for Full Results and Draws

Congratulations to Jonathan Hill and his team for putting on a great weekend event for our junior players as they prepare for the upcoming Junior Jesters event in Edmonton on Nov 8-10, 2019.

Summary of Divisions:

Boys' I

1Abdelrahman Dweek

2Mohamed Kamal

3Antonio Mendes


Boys' II

1Daniel Monroy

2Calder Murray

3Rohan Paliwal


Boys' III

1Jack Mendham

2Henry Van Weelderen

3Will Kirker


Girls' I

1Jana Dweek

2Taylor Mackay

3Maddison Laine


Girls' II

1Elizabeth Dicker

2Ella Watson

3Antonella Rodriguez


Girls' III

1Julia Hurtaj

2Paige Birkby

3Juliana Mendes


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