AHS Releases New Restrictions for 2 week period (Nov 13-27)

Nov. 13, 2020


On November 12, 2020, Alberta’s government announced new health measures impacting the sport and fitness community.

The preventative public health measures as recorded in the CMOH order 37-2020 are effective for the period of November 13 to November 27, 2020 and applies to the persons and operators described as Indoor group fitness and sport activities in Calgary Metropolitan Region.

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The Record of Decision of the Chief Medical Officer, which implements a number of preventative public health measures has a few additional details, definitions and information such as:

A person is prohibited from attending and an operator of a business or entity is prohibited from providing or hosting an indoor group high-intensity or low intensity fitness activity or an indoor sport activity in the Calgary Metropolitan Region...

  • Indoor group high-intensity fitness activity” means an organized activity consisting of two or more persons who come together indoors to do high-intensity, cardiovascular exercise including but not limited to Spin, Zumba, dance, hot yoga, cross fit, boot camp and rowing.
  • Indoor group low-intensity fitness activity” means an organized activity consisting of two or more persons who come together indoors to do low-intensity, exercise that is not focused on cardiovascular activities including but not limited to weight training, low intensity yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi.
  • Indoor sport activity” means an organized activity involving physical exertion and skill in which two or more persons come together indoors to practice or compete with each other in a structured way including but not limited to hockey, soccer, basketball, volleyball and martial arts. 

Read the Record of Decision of the Chief Medical Officer for all relevant information.

 In Summary:

2 week Restriction in place for Squash in Alberta from Nov 13-27, 2020

 **Indoor sports with 2 or more ( that cannot maintain 2m distance between players )


Squash Alberta Recommended Guidelines:

  1. Solo practice/hitting only
  2. Private lesson with coach (controlled area drills only while maintaining 2m distancing)
  3. No Doubles Squash


Exceptions:  Players from the Same Household:

       3.  Controlled area drills with same household player

  1. Conditioned and regular games with same household player
  2. Semiprivate (2 students) lessons with same household players (Pro remains outside of court)


Record of Decision of the Chief Medical Officer


Upcoming Events

Jan. 07, 2021 to Jan. 10, 2021

Banff SaSQUASH Open (Cancelled)
Banff Rocky Mountain Resort, Banff

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