Bob Grose Annual Awards

Posted on 06/16/2017

Squash Alberta's President,  Grant Currie (Left) with Squash Canada President (center) Lolly Gillen and Squash Alberta's Executive Director, Tim Landeryou (right)

This is the Squash Canada Achievement Award being accepted by Grant Currie and Tim Landeryou on behalf of Bob Grose. 
Bob has been involved with squash for his entire life, beginning as a junior player in Winnipeg. He moved to Edmonton in 1972 and immediately began involvement with the squash community there, serving on the Board of the Edmonton Squash League for six years.In 2005, Bob decided he possessed a grander vision for Squash in Alberta and felt he had more to give. His vision compelled him to run for the position of President on the Board of Directors for Squash Alberta. Not only was he successful in his quest to become President, but he remained at the post for 8 years, only recently stepping down in 2013. During his years at the helm, Bob saw his strategic vision for the sport unfold, as membership grew and new programs were developed. His passionate and successful leadership of our sports governing body was not only felt here in the province but also noticed at the national level when he was presented with a Certificate of Achievement from Squash Canada in 2013. He sat on the Board of the Edmonton Sports Council and the first master committee of Squash Canada, and also served as chair for both the 2005 World Masters Squash Championships and 2012 Alberta Winter Games. For these achievements and his unwavering support of squash in the province over the last 40+ years, Squash Alberta presented Bob with the President's Award in 2016. To date, he has been nominated for two President Awards and two Squash Canada Achievement Awards! Well done Bob!

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